NextGen Logistics & Freight: Autonomous Vehicles

Global truck components suppliers ZF and WABCO unveiled June 28 the next progression in rear-end collision avoidance technology. The Evasive Maneuver Assist system goes a step beyond active braking systems by giving tractor-trailers the ability to autonomously steer around a stopped vehicle should the truck detect it cannot brake quickly enough to avoid the crash.

Joey Haji, Fleet Operations

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NextGen Logistics & Freight: In Favor of Better Wages

NextGen has already implemented top-tier pay structures for it's drivers for the last 5 years. The average driver makes well over $0.50 per mile and some upwards of $0.65 per mile. NextGen would love to pay more, but the rates from carriers need to increase to accommodate that.  Something has to to give soon or the so-called "driver shortage" issue will continue.

Joey Haji, Fleet Operations

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NextGen Logistics & Freight: The changing face of Trucking

The Millennials want to be more independent and they want that flexibility.  They’re tired of working for the man, and they want results now.....

Joey Haji, Fleet Operations

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NextGen Logistics & Freight: The Need for On-Demand Trucking Systems

A federal advisory committee says U.S. ports could increase efficiency by implementing on-demand trucking systems, improving chassis supply and decreasing truck turn times.

This month, the Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness presented ways to cut congestion at seaports and connecting inland infrastructure to Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker. Formed in 2011, up to 45 private sector stakeholders and additional ex officio federal agency representatives serve on the committee.

The ACSCC advocated an on-demand system that would let truckers pull containers off stacks on a first-available basis for delivery, instead of waiting for a designated container. This plan would not preclude the need for shippers to pull individual containers based on priority.

The committee noted the chassis shortage keeps containers from leaving the port, overwhelming terminal space and leading to delay charges. The Federal Maritime commission and other U.S. agencies should facilitate stakeholder agreements to create and operate gray or port-wide chassis pools.

These gray pools could adjust capacity and usage from the cargo volume data, which ocean carriers could obtain from professional associations or third-party services. Additionally, the committee suggested “industry partners,” provide initiative and assistance for drayage firms to buy or lease chassis.

The ACSCC acknowledges federal entities have limited ability to directly resolve congestion at ports and inland links, which nearly always are owned by private entities or state, local and municipal governments. However, federal agencies could grant ports, trucking associations and other stakeholders authority to create port groups to discuss improving productivity.

Other recommendations include that ports and terminals use integrated scheduling programs and appointment systems at major terminals to improve data sharing, forecasting and cargo flow.

Joey Haji, Fleet Operations

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NextGen Logistics & Freight: The Future of Trucking

The Trucking Industry is changing by the minute and only the quick and nimble will survive.  Only time will tell, but here are the five areas where changes are happening quickly:

1. Online community

Online load boards have traditionally not handled functions that come after rates are negotiated such as freight tracking and billing. Some new online services can manage transactions end to end.

2. Instant rate visibility

In many ways, trucking is becoming more like the travel industry by sharing instant pricing information.

3. Mobile apps

With 90 percent of motor carriers operating less than six trucks, mobile apps give brokers and shippers a way to automate communications with owner operators and small fleets.

4. Instant booking

A mobile app called Uber gives passengers instant rates between any local origin and destination and connects them to drivers to make a pickup within minutes. How could booking a truckload shipment ever been this easy?

5. Carrier retention

To help attract and retain good carriers, several companies now offer free, online fleet management systems for fleets to dispatch their equipment and drivers.

NextGen is on the forefront in all these categories!  Come join our team and explore the opportunities.

Joey Haji, Fleet Operations

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Driver Recruiting and Retention: NextGen is striving to be the best

Fleets have implemented many different strategies to address their driver recruiting and retention challenges, including higher pay, enhanced benefit packages, sign-on bonuses, performance rewards, more mileage, new equipment, dedicated and preferred routes and additional home time, among other perks

NextGen goes above and beyond all those perks by creating a family atmosphere, which is critical to our success.  Our Fleet Operations staff are there to assist at all times, both on a professional and personal level.  NextGen's carrier network is comprised of both large and small fleets offering full truckload, less-than-truckload, and ground expedited and specialized freight services. To keep customers informed across the supply chain, it guarantees 24/7 dispatch and customer service, load tracking, daily check calls and emailed updates.

NextGen welcomes and embraces all new-comers to the Trucking Industry as we want to build the Next Generation of Elite Drivers!

Please visit and find out how you can Join Our Team!

Joey Haji, Fleet Operations

Welcome to NextGen Logistics & Freight!

NextGen Logistics & Freight is committed to providing a strong and stable infrastructure for both our Drivers and Customers.  Our standards of compliance for superior customer service revolve around:

  • SAFETY: by investing in new equipment with the best reliability and technology
  • QUALITY: by providing elite drivers who operate in a professional, caring manner
  • DELIVERY: by providing an exclusive logistics system for on-time pick-up and drop-off
  • COST: by operating efficiently and passing the savings onto our customers
  • MORALE: by compensating drivers and creating an ideal work environment

NextGen Logistics & Freight is the Next Generation of Trucking!  We are committed to improving the Trucking Industry and our goal is to become the one-stop source for all transportation needs.

If you want to Join Our Team or request a quote, please visit and explore your options.

-Joey Haji, Fleet Operations