Welcome to NextGen Logistics & Freight!

NextGen Logistics & Freight is committed to providing a strong and stable infrastructure for both our Drivers and Customers.  Our standards of compliance for superior customer service revolve around:

  • SAFETY: by investing in new equipment with the best reliability and technology
  • QUALITY: by providing elite drivers who operate in a professional, caring manner
  • DELIVERY: by providing an exclusive logistics system for on-time pick-up and drop-off
  • COST: by operating efficiently and passing the savings onto our customers
  • MORALE: by compensating drivers and creating an ideal work environment

NextGen Logistics & Freight is the Next Generation of Trucking!  We are committed to improving the Trucking Industry and our goal is to become the one-stop source for all transportation needs.

If you want to Join Our Team or request a quote, please visit nextgendetroit.com and explore your options.

-Joey Haji, Fleet Operations