NextGen Logistics & Freight: The Future of Trucking

The Trucking Industry is changing by the minute and only the quick and nimble will survive.  Only time will tell, but here are the five areas where changes are happening quickly:

1. Online community

Online load boards have traditionally not handled functions that come after rates are negotiated such as freight tracking and billing. Some new online services can manage transactions end to end.

2. Instant rate visibility

In many ways, trucking is becoming more like the travel industry by sharing instant pricing information.

3. Mobile apps

With 90 percent of motor carriers operating less than six trucks, mobile apps give brokers and shippers a way to automate communications with owner operators and small fleets.

4. Instant booking

A mobile app called Uber gives passengers instant rates between any local origin and destination and connects them to drivers to make a pickup within minutes. How could booking a truckload shipment ever been this easy?

5. Carrier retention

To help attract and retain good carriers, several companies now offer free, online fleet management systems for fleets to dispatch their equipment and drivers.

NextGen is on the forefront in all these categories!  Come join our team and explore the opportunities.

Joey Haji, Fleet Operations

Source: CCJ